mercoledì 7 gennaio 2009

Interview with Hugo Kaagman

q) What is your name and what do you do?

a)I am Hugo Kaagman and work as a visual artist inj Amsterdam.

q)When did you really get into art?

a)I started in 1977 making Punk fanzines in photocopy. From that I developed a stencil style graffiti to spray on walls in the city. Then I became a painter.

q)How did you come to the realization that you should try your luck at art on a more serious level?

a)First I was making anti-art, just to provoke. Suddenly I got art in commission to do fences, walls and tunnels. I earned my money with it, so it became serious

q)How did you discover the particular style that you have?

a)Saw a stencilled text sprayed on a wall. I loved the idea of putting images anywhere, so I started to cut figurative images, like the head of Johnny Rotten and Bob Marley.

I liked that style more than tags and bubble letter pieces, so I developed it and started my own gallery in my squat house.

q)How would you describe your style?

a)Pencil spraying, stencil graffiti, Street Art

q)Who or what influences your art?

a)Keith Haring, Escher, Dali, newspapers, books and internet

q)How often do you create a new piece?

a)Every day I work on paintings

q)What kind of success have you had with your art?

a)I had several murals in the world: USA, England, Japan, Russia, Greece, germany. The best was the tailfins for British Airways (19 Boeings). I have shows and I sell enough to make a living

q)What would be the ultimate goal for you and your art?

a)Influencing the artworld, changing people's minds and making money.

q)What do you see as an accomplishment in the way of art?

a)A good mural or a good exposition with a lot of response

q)What kind of message, if any, do you try to convey through your art?

a)Love of cultures, peace and freedom

q)Sum up your art in one word.

a)Pencil sprayed collages that make sense

q)Any additional comments?


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