martedì 20 gennaio 2009

Interview with EATCHO

q)Please introduce yourself.


q)Where do you live and work?

a)Portland Oregon

q)How would you describe your work to someone who has never seen it?

a)I don’t I just ask them to check out the site.

q)How did you start in the arts? How/when did you realize you were an artist?

a)I started drawing when I was six, like many people I fell in love with it.

q)What are your favorite art materials and why?

a)Pencil to paper a simple doodle just gets the mind rollin

q)What/who influences you most?

a)Mostly everything, great conversations usually get my head sparked up some new notions I rarely consider

q)Describe a typical day of art making for you.

a)I wake up get coffee and place my head on a table and begin drilling holes in it till little creatures start crawling out. Most days fluctuate but they all involve the drilling

q)Do you have goals, specific things you want to achieve with your art or in your career as an artist?

a)I want to build things more and further explore three dimensions and a comic book is in the works

q)What contemporary artists or developments in art interest you?

a)Right now James Jean, Zach Johnsen, lil kids and The Alfred Hitchcock hour

q)How long does it typically take you to finish a piece?

a)Depends on the matierials used, for a good painting..a oil painting...never know

q)Do you enjoy selling your pieces, or are you emotionally attached to them?

a)I am emotionally attached to pieces yes but I like to see them go if they sit around the studio they will just drive me crazy.

q)Is music important to you? If so, what are some things you're listening to now?

a)music is very necessary right now I have been listening too Miriam Makeeba, Van Morrison, Dosh, dirty projectors, El olio wolof


a)Miles davis autobiography, sluaghterhouse five, the windup bird chronicles, 100 bullets the comic book

q)What theories or beliefs do you have regarding creativity or the creative process?

aAll ideas can be depicted the moment I see one viewpoint overpowering the overall feeling I try to change it such as nature does itself, still the indivual shines through
in the work

q)What do you do (or what do you enjoy doing) when you're not creating?

a)Eating, making love, smoking pot, riding my bike, wondering how we got here where were going and how it is and going to be

q)Do you have any projects or shows coming up that you are particularly excited about?

a)I’m redesigning an ole arcade game it is project with a friend, its going to be alot of work but Im lookin foward to it

q)Do you follow contemporary art scenes? If so, how?

What websites, magazines, galleries do you prefer?

a)I really enjoy

q)Ask yourself a question you'd like to answer, and answer it.
what super power do you want?


q)Any advice for aspiring artists?

a)Your work is yours no matter what anyone says
no idea is too crazy
fame is a human thing and art is much more than human

q)Where can we see more of your work online?

a) I will be uploading more on the site the first week of febuary.

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