sabato 25 luglio 2009

Interview with Denise Alba

q)Please introduce yourself.

a)Denise Alba, a person who insists to believe that the art can modify

something or someone, even living in a third world country, in 21

q)Where do you live and work?

a)I live and work in São Paulo estate, Brazil.

q)How would you describe your work to someone who has never seen it?

a)It's very hard to describe a visual work, but I define my work as
something ludic, surrealistic, with characters from everyday life who
could be me, you, or the lady from the deli shop.
This makes it
enjoyable even for non-academic viewers.

q)How did you start in the arts? How/when did you realize you were an artist?

a)Like most, since I was a kid, drawing. I dont remember the exact age.
The funny thing in considering myself an artist is that it can be
pretentious and miserable at the same time... It's different from when
you introduce yourself like "Oh Hi, Im a dentist". When artists say
that it may sound arrogant because people presume that its something
special and spiritual, like a gift for special people or something
like that, but at the same time they probably think "oh, poor one,
this one'll starve to death". It's weird.
And that when they dont mistake it with fame and celebrities.

q)What are your favorite art materials and why?

a)For now, my camera and photoshop are good enough to materialize my emotions

q)What/who influences you most?

a)The cinema, no doubt about it. Once I read an interview with Hitchcock
where he says that cinema is the way how he freed his doubts and
fears, and I thought "thats what I want to do".

q)Describe a typical day of art making for you.

a)Usually when I am introspective and not very "tuned in" with the
world, it's time to stay quiet for a while and let the world pass by.
Then put it together the way I wish it to be, (and when I finish is
like I gave birth to a child.)

q)Do you have goals, specific things you want to achieve with your
art or in your career as an artist?

a)I have plans to direct video clips and movies.

q)What contemporary artists or developments in art interest you?

a)Anke Merzbach, she is very mysterious to me and at the same time I feel a very
big trueness when I see her arts.

Eugenio Recuenco, each of his photos is a piece of art who deserves a
spot in any room, they are timeless and he can make them commercial at
the same time, this is genial.

David Lynch, for directing movies so disturbing and surrealistic.

q)How long does it typically take you to finish a piece?

a)A few hours... 2 or 3 at most. But the conception usually takes place
in my head for weeks or months. It's like sewing a bed quilt. When you
already have all the desired pieces, all thats left it to sew.

q)Do you enjoy selling your pieces, or are you emotionally attached to them?

a)Im very emotionaly attached to them, but Im working on this issue. I
dont want to be a kind of artist who cant pay her bills. Artists got
this stigma of being someone who faces difficulties in life and then
after they die their works become commercial. I dont admire this image
that was planted along history.

q)Is music important to you? If so, what are some things you're

listening to now?

a)Very important. Music reaches our most ethereal side. Like Nietzsche
once said, life without music would be a mistake.

Im married with a musician, he plays guitar in an amazing band called
Mazkzero5. Living with his musical side makes my artistic side more
vivid too.

I listen to Mackzero5, Radiohead, Bjork and Pink Floyd.


a)One Hundred Years of Solitude (Gabriel Garcia Marques), Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte) , The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde), Crime and Punishment (Fedor Dostoievski), On The Road (Jack Kerouac) and many more.

q)What do you do (or what do you enjoy doing) when you're not creating?

a)I like to be close with good friends having nice conversations.

q)Do you have any projects or shows coming up that you are

particularly excited about?

a)I have nothing planned yet, but I hope to have the opportunity to show
my works in some places in

q)Do you have any projects or shows coming up that you are

particularly excited about?

a)I do but in a very loose way. Im old school, my researches are focused
more on old art than new trends.

q)Any advice for aspiring artists?

a)Do what makes you happy and true to yourself. The person you are, free
from criticism or praises.

Your best critic is yourself, when you look at what you've done and
can see yourself in it. If it looked best on your head than in the
paper or pc, then you lack the technical part, just study a lot.

q)Where can we see more of your work online?


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