sabato 13 dicembre 2008

Interview with Cristina Alvarez

q) What is your name and what do you do?
a) My name is Cristina Alvarez, but everybody knows me as Cris la
Notte. I work as graphic desinger for a fashion brand in Madrid. I do
urban art.
q)When did you really get into art?
a)I couldn't say when,... I've been all my life drawing since I was
little, but well, I suppose it should be when I started my degree in the
art school.
q)How did you come to the realization that you should try your luck at
art on a more serious level?
a) When you do something and you like it you have to show it. It doesn’t
care in what level, you can start drawing in the streets, or doing
little exhibitions, and if you are lucky and the people like it the rest
of the projects just came to you.
q)How did you discover the particular style that you have?
a) It is part of an evolution. Day by day I can’t see that changes, but
when I look to my old scketchbooks I can realize this evolution.
With the past of the time I add new textures, colour palets, techniques
that helps to this evolution in the style. Anyway art is a living thing.
q)How would you describe your style?
a) Urban art
q)Who or what influences your art?
a) Everything around me. My city, my friends, the countryside,
everywhere where I've been or everyone I meet.
q)How often do you create a new piece?
a) Depends of the mood that I have and the free time I can get out of
q)What kind of success have you had with your art?
a) First of all personal  success, and in the professional side I did my
own t-shirt collection wich has been sold in cities like Madrid,
Barcelona, Milan, Luxembourg, Richmond (USA), and I don’t stop to do
diferent projects with lots of interesting artists of everywhere and my
solo exhibitions.
q)What would be the ultimate goal for you and your art?
a)To keep doing what I like with no external influences of commerciality.
q)What do you see as an accomplishment in the way of art?
a) When somebody feel the necessity of acquire one of your pieces or
another artist calls you to work with them.
q)What kind of message, if any, do you try to convey through your art?
a) There is not a real message, I show what I have inside my
subconscious mind. I like to represent my friends or my life with the
characters I create... all of then are inspired in how I see the people
that I know.
q)Sum up your art in one word.
q)...your contacts...
a)  Cris la Notte


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