giovedì 21 aprile 2016

Interview with TREVOR WAYNE

q)Please introduce yourself and tell us something about yourself and

your background.

a)Im Trevor Wayne. I started doing art as a little kid inspired by Saturday Morning Cartoons. It led me to liking to do a lot of portraiture. I attended art school in Chicago and then moved to Los Angeles where I live currently.

q) Talk about your art.

a)Although my favorite art genre is French Impressionism, I identify with Pop Art because of the cartoons that had inspired me as a kid. I really liked the solid lines and colors, and the many ways that characters were drawn in so many different styles from show to show.
 A decade ago I switched from pencils to digital, really liking the very flat comic-like feel to my portraits. I even liked better that there was no texture.
 Through the years as my work circulated more, people often asked to buy the originals- of which there was none since it was digital. They often seemed dismissive and disappointed. I was told more that a few times that if I painted, people would be more into what I do, and that digital art is not “real” art.
 Eventually, feeling I needed a change anyway, I gave in and tried it. I actually found I prefer it! I really like the way it feels. As more time went on, people still believed my paintings were digital! I can’t win! So I decided to start painting on the backs of the canvas.
 I intended it to be an aggressive way of showing it was indeed canvas, and actually made the canvas itself important to the piece. It works really well for the series of dolls  (and some action figures) I’m doing. Its taking antique imagery, creating it to be a pop version, and painting it traditionally in a non traditional way. I like to think of it as “Popressionism”!

q) What’s the central theme of your work?

a)The central theme of my work really is to just lighten the mood! I want my art to bring good energy to the space it inhabits. Whatever the subject matter may be.

q) your most beautiful dream

a)I think that would be owning a few little cabins,, maybe one in the desert and one in the mountains,, and being able to jump back and forth and paint with beautiful views and isolation!

q) your worst nightmare

a)Im not really sure. I don't like to spend any time giving energy to thoughts like that. Im not sure I want to dig thoughts like that up! haha

q) Best way to spend a day off?

a)For me the best day off is a day trip to another town, a nice hotel with a bar by the pool. Id probably still bring some art to work on…

q) who, what inspires you ….

a)Im inspired by friends, even if what they do is different. Im glad to see them working hard for what they're passionate about. That makes me want to work harder at what I do.

q) books that you love….

a)Im not really a reader, since I have little time, but my “Golden Heroes” artwork was just in the book “Golden Girls Forever” by Jim Colucci! Its an in depth behind the scenes look at the show. I read the whole thing quickly. I love that show, and if you do you should get the book as well! Its on Amazon!

q)music…artists….that you love

a)Im not a big music fanatic, but when working on art I listen to video game music on Pandora or Talking Heads!

q) What are you really excited about right now?

a)My credit score went up!!!

q)your current projects….

a)Im still working on my “doll” portraits. I think I have at least a dozen more Id like to do with that series.

q)your future projects….

a)I haven't got far enough with my current projects to really settle on new ideas yet.  They will come.

q) Where can people see more of your work on the internet?

a)Right now and mrtrevorwayne on Instagram

q) Final words?

a)I have had many artists do artwork of me as the subject and Im really grateful! I have a section on my site with all the great work, and hope you will check it out- and check those artists out!