venerdì 25 gennaio 2013

Interview with Silviu & Irina Székely

q) For the people who don't know your work - how would you describe it?

a)What we do at the moment is described generally by the words photo-montage or photo-collage. We would briefly describe the results of our activities as paradoxical and plurivocal juxtapositions and reconstructions of displaced and vandalised fragments of reality. Everything we produce is made by hand using scissors and glue.   

q) What are the key themes running through your practice?

a)We are less concerned with meaning and psychological effects when it comes to producing art. Our message, if there is any at all, is composed by a plurality of micro- and pseudo-messages and stances that are critically and ironically aimed at certain standardized artistic behaviors such as the total subordination of the title to the visually perceivable work, or the overwhelming mass-production of pictorial works totally dependent on public exposure and technological assistance.

q) Your favourite place on earth?

a)The most desirable place on earth would be a little stone house in the French countryside surrounded by lavender, blue sky and olive trees.

q) What influences your work?

a)We are influenced by the sudden change of our inner tonality and by the impersonal amplitude of our immediate surroundings. As a direct consequence, we witness and we are subjected to an activity of movement, sound, light, contemplation and hand gestures in order to preserve the healthy lawlessness of a sign-image that has no legs to stand on.

q) What music are you into right now?

a)Traditional African music and Scandinavian jazz.

q) Describe your thought & design process...

a)We cut, we look around, we cut again; our gestures are extremely gracious and unrestrained. The excess of thought is strictly forbidden and the final design does not match the unperceivable replica of its own beginnings. We put together undesired fragments only to disseminate them father and farther away into a glued compound strictly limited by the margins of a possible interpretation.   

q) Which emerging artists are you looking forward to seeing more of?

a)As there are so many talented artists nowadays, it would be unjust to pick only a few.   

q) Favourite place on the internet?

a)Internet is just a tool. We can’t find anything interesting in particular about it.

q) Do you have any upcoming projects/exhibitions we should know about?

a)We have our solo exhibition at Leeds College of Art that runs until the 9th of March 2013. Also, we’ll be taking part in a group exhibition hosted by CES Contemporary in Laguna Beach between 16th of February – 21st of March 2013.

q) Tell us something we don't know - but should...

a)We should all know that we know nothing.

q) Where can people see more of your work on the internet?